Sales Associate

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Jacksonville, FL

Job description
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* Visit us on Wednesday October 24th at 10:00 AM

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Front of Store Duties
-Processes customer transactions by ringing the sale on a cash register, collecting payment, making change, bagging the merchandise and thanking the customer.
-Assists customers with shopping needs.
-Pulls racks for transporting clothing from the back room to the sales floor and places clothes on sales floor racks. Ensures that clothes are placed on sales racks with similar types and colors of clothing.
-Rearranges clothing on racks and items on shelves, removes items from the floor, dusts and pulls clothes from racks that are too full to ensure that the sales floor is kept clean, neat and properly displayed.
-Greets donors and receives merchandise, providing donor with an itemized receipt, if desired.
-Reports known or suspected security and/or theft problems to the Store Manager or other member of management.

Back of Store Duties
-May remove donations from donor’s car.
-Breaks down donation in to appropriate bins of like merchandise.
-Examines shoes, electrical, and mechanical merchandise and other non-clothing items to determine, appropriateness for sales floor, in accordance with established standards.
-Place salable clothing on hangers to meet established quotas.
-Hangs clothing on racks for transporting to the sales floor, keeping similar types of clothing grouped together.
-Counts and records pieces of clothing hung.
-Places unsalable clothing in appropriate bins.

Required Experience
Education: High School or GED preferred
Experience: No experience required / 1-2 years experience preferred

Required Skills
-Excellent communication skills.
-Energy and enthusiasm to help others.
-An openness to learn and be a team player.
-An excitement for a career in retail.
-Be able to perform basic skills on the register & computer.
-Must be able to read and comprehend.
-Must be able to do basic math calculations using a calculator.

Physical Requirements
Lifting (Up to 50lbs)
Carrying (Up to 50lbs)